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SMS-Com 5amp - Fancontrollers - Organic Earth
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SMS-Com 5amp

Completely different to the usual controllers.

The SMS-Com SMARTCONTROLLER requires 5 minutes to scan your room and make an evaluation for the gradual increase or decrease of your fan.

In the course of a cycle it will automatically find the appropriate constant capacity level of the fan to maintain programmed temperature.

This new technique means no more temperature fluctuations and fan noise is kept to a minimum.

  • Software regulated
  • No more temperature fluctuations and no more humming from your fans
  • The Smartcontroller adjusts the speed of your fans smoothly and fluidly and keeps you room within +/- 1 degree of your set temperature
  • NTC Temperature probe 2 meter included
  • Maximum 1000 Watt


SMS-Com 5amp


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SMS-Com 5amp

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