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AG 13 x Biker Kush - Karma Genetics - Organic Earth

RegulierKarma Genetics

AG 13 x Biker Kush

AG13haze x Biker Kush LTD is made up partly of a Dutch AG13 Haze cut that is over 20 years old!  AG13 comes from a G13 mom and Haze father.

Crossing this Haze with the proven Biker Kush V2.0 male gave offspring the high and flavors of the AG13 mom but shorter flower times and tighter buds.

Expect a big stretch during flower and perhaps this is not the best strain for beginners.  She’s got that old-style hazy flavor and smell that fills the room very fast!



AG 13 x Biker Kush

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AG 13 x Biker Kush

AG 13 x Biker Kush

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