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Big Buddha Seeds - Organic Earth
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GefeminiseerdBig Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Cheese

'The Cheese' is the UK's #1 strain, which we crossed with our pure Afghani male. Two years of selective backcrossing has allowed us to isolate specific traits we loved from the cheese.

The Big Buddha Cheese Feminized seed retains its mother's old skool taste and, with the help of Afghani, 
has a higher overall yield than the original cheese mother.

NOW Feminised, The Big Buddha Cheese has now truly become the UK's #1 strain!

Original UK Cheese backcross X Afghani
Flowering time: Indoors = 7 - 9 weeks Outdoors = End of Oct.
Genetics: Mostly Indica
Sensory experience: Very uplifting high, no ceiling, clear, long lasting.
Smell: Unique, pungent, old skool aroma.
Taste: Very appealing, fruity, DANK!

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Big Buddha Cheese


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