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Dexso Budget Extracor - Dexso - Organic Earth


Dexso Budget Extractor

This extractor is made of "food grade" chrome steel for safe extraction of oil. The low budget variant of the Dexso extractor has an unbeatable quality-price ratio. The'D-Blaster ' is based on the minimalist design of a glass extractor, ideal for anyone who wants to achieve the maximum effect with minimal cost

Dexso essential oil extractors are very easy to use, very easy to maintain, and long with it! This oil extractor is available in two different sizes suitable for 50 grams or 80 grams of dried plant material.

The'D-Blaster ' is excellent for use with ' Dexso ' Dimethyl Ether, a non toxic, solvent for solvents and less explosive than butane gas-for the best yield and quality! Of course, you can also use butane gas for extraction.

Attention: do not trapping or the content to compact!
It is recommended to use koudbestendige gloves to wear during the extraction.
The use of the Dexso D-Blaster ' Extractor is so at your own risk!

Material: Chrome Steel V2A
Length: 24,5 cm / 49,5 cm
Diameter: 35 mm
Suitable for up to 40 grams / 80 gra,
Comes with: 2 x Filter, 1 x rubber ring for filter, manual




Dexso Budget Extractor

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Dexso Budget Extractor

Dexso Budget Extractor

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