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Dragen Head Pipe Lou Guerin - Pijpen - Organic Earth
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Dragon Head Pipe Lou Guerin

Organic Earth is pleased to offer new 'Pieces of Art' of Primitive-Future designer Lou Guerin: 2 ‘one of a kind' handmade pipes, to display as an art object or simply use it to smoke your favorite herbs.

The Dragon Pipe
(ebony black) consist of five pieces: a mouthpiece and heading, and a 3-piece stem.

dragon head pipe lou guerin organic earth

  • The mouth pieces are made from mammoth ivory
  • The Dragon Pipe comes with a wooden case made of roze wood
  • Silver and gold 18k are used for the pipe bowl and stem junctions
  • All other materials (for both pipes) comes from Indonesia

Unique collectors item!

Here's more about our other offer: The Double Head Pipe Lou Guerin
Here's more about Lou Guerin


Dragon Head Pipe Lou Guerin

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Dragon Head Pipe Lou Guerin

Dragon Head Pipe Lou Guerin

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  • Beschikbaar sinds17/02/2015