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Hy-Pro Hydro A&B - Hy-pro - Organic Earth


Hy-Pro Hydro A&B

HY-PRO Hydro A & B is a sophisticated 2-component feed, which provides all the essential nutrients for the entire lifecycle of your plant.

Includes all important minerals and necessary trace elements.
This results in a successful and exuberant growth and flowering of your plants.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation on hydro systems, coconut, mapito, rockwool or soil.

Use and dosage HY-PRO 'Hydro A&B':

  • mix 5 ml HY-PRO Hydro A with 1 liter of water and stir well
    mix 5 ml HY-PRO Hydro B and stir again
  • Check your EC, for hydro an EC between 1.4 - 2,2 is required, see diagram (tab)
  • if the EC is too high, add tap water in order to reduce the EC-value
  • check the pH-value, desirable for hydro is a pH-value between 5.5 and 6.
    pH too high? with HY-PRO "pH-" you can reduce it to a desired value
  • always follow the directions on the label



Hy-Pro Hydro A&B

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Hy-Pro Hydro A&B

Hy-Pro Hydro A&B

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