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Master Gear Ballast 400 W - Voorschakelapparaten - Organic Earth
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Master Gear Ballast 400 W

This premium 400w ballast stands out through its simple usage and a good price-performance ratio. The ballast is completely pre-assembled and splash proof in a white metallic case and thereby immediately usable (Plug and Play). Suitable for high-pressure sodium-vapor or metal-halide bulbs.

Technical Details:

  • for high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) as well as metal-halide lamps (MH)
  • power output: 400 watts


Master Gear Ballast 400 W

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Master Gear Ballast 400 W

Master Gear Ballast 400 W

  • Product Prijs€65.00
  • Product Nummer4001042
  • Beschikbaar sinds23/08/2016