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The Neutralizer Compact Kit - Gas en vloeistof - Organic Earth
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GeurbestrijdingGas en vloeistof

The Neutralizer Compact Kit

Cannabis normally produces a strong odour, during smoking as well as during growing of a small amount of plants. When you experience this odour as an inconvenience, The Neutralizer will solve your problem. The Neutralizer is developed to eliminate bad odours and extensive testing has shown that The Neutralizer does the same for the odour that cannabis produces. It eliminates the odour completely, during growing as well as during smoking. When you use The Neutralizer in the correct way, and this is very easy, you will not smell cannabis. Seems to good to be true, but it actually is true. Take our word for it, do yourself a favour and try it for yourself. You will love us for the rest of your life. In the information below, you will find more specific information about The Neutralizer and the way it works.

The Neutralizer is an electronic device that is the result of years of research and development. The Neutralizer uses patented technology that makes it possible to neutralize bad odours completely, on a molecular level. And when we say neutralize, we mean neutralize. The Neutralizer is not another product that masks odours by producing a stronger smell, The Neutralizer neutralizes. Odours will be gone; eliminated. All that stays behind is the mild, fresh smell of the oil that The Neutralizer uses.  

The Neutralizer spreads a combination of more than 140 essential oils into the room by heating it. Essential oils are concentrated hydropohobic liquids that are extracted from plants. In other words, essential oils are pure natural products that will not harm humans, animals or environment (including your beloved plants!). The oil that is spread into the room does its work by taking on the cannabis odour on a molecular level. The way this works is best described by the following example:

When we place a large ammount of roses in a room, the room would smell like.....roses. No surprises so far. But what would the room smell like when we take out half of the roses and replace them with jasmine? Probably, 9 out of ten people will answer this question by saying that the room would smell like roses and jasmine. But is wouldn't. Our room would only smell like jasmine. Not because jasmine produces a stronger odour that masks the smell of roses, but because jasmine has a characteristic that completely neutralizes the odour of roses, on al molecular level. The odour of the roses is completely vanished, leaving behind only the odour of jasmine. What's important to know is that only the odour in the room is changed, the roses themselves did not change. If we were to take one rose outside of the room and smell it, it would still smell like a rose. 

What jasmine does to the smell of roses, The Neutralizer does to bad odours. Extensive testing by the cannabis branche has shown that The Neutralizer also neutralizes cannabis smell for the full 100%. The Neutralizer's oils contain molecules that have the ability to to neutralize the molecule in cannabis that causes the inconvenient odour. The oil doesn't harm or affect the plant in any way. Because the molecule in the weed you can smoke is the same molecule as in the cannabis plant while it's growing, The Neutralizer has the same effect on weed while it is being smoked. You can smell that somebody smoked in the room, but you can't smell that they smoked weed. 

When The Neutralizer is used to eliminate odours during the cultivation of cannabis, the correct way of using it is essentail. But don't be afraid, it isn't rocket science. There are only two conditions you have to obey:
1. The Neutralizer has to be installed at the right position. More information about the right position follows below. 
2. The Neutralizer has to be switched on to be able to operate. Plug in socket, power button ON....success!

Below you can see a picture that helps you determine the right position in your growroom.




When placing the The Neutralizer in the right position, there again are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Always place The Neutralzer standing straight, otherwise the oil will leak out.
  • Always place The Neutralizer at the bottom of your room, because hot air ascends.
  • Don't place The neutralizer next to your air intake, otherwise it doesn't heat up to the right temperature. 
  • Place The Neutralizer is far away as possible from the place where your extractor begins to suck air. Be aware that this isn't necessarily the hole where  your air leaves the room! For instance, think about filters or hoses that you might have placed in front of the hole in the wall or tent. 


This Neutralizer Kit can neutralize spaces up to 375m3, during up to 6 weeks if you use it 24/7. This is perfect for a room where people smoke a lot of joints. When the oil reservoir is empty you can replace it with a replacement cartridge

The neutralizer is so powerfull, it can substitute for your carbon filter.  Off course you can choose to run a carbon filter and The Neutralizer at the same time. Is this case you can use a smaller size carbon filter though, because The Neutralizer will have already done the 'dirty work', before the air reaches the carbon filter.


The Neutralizer Compact Kit


The Neutralizer Cartridge

The Neutralizer Cartridge

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