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Rogis Wonderspray - Sprays - Organic Earth


Rogis Wonderspray

substances in this mix of various natural oils greatly reduce the appetite and the urge to reproduce of insects (they no longer eat treated plants) and prevent larvae from developing and have a repellent effect on all juice-drinking insects and against fungi.This natural insecticide oil is completely safe for people, beneficial insects and other animals.

You will not immediately see the effect of this natural control, but it will take a few days to a few weeks. But all the time the insects will no longer affect your plants. By spraying you also lay a thin layer over the possibly present eggs so that they no longer come out.

Can be given whole flowering cycle but avoid the flowers. If the Wonderspray is not liquid enough, put the bottle in warm water for a short time until it is sufficiently liquid. Then, 5 ml of dissolution in 1 liter of water and then thoroughly schudden.uw plants well on the top and underside of the leaves and the stems well spraying, as well as the upper side of the earth (the medium) Net going out for the lamps (or the dark ) to apply. Vitamins and trace elements further ensure extra nutrition for your plants and protection of the leaves.

Wonderspray is liquid at 25 degrees so if it is not liquid, just a few

put in warm water for minutes, then shake well.



Rogis Wonderspray

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Rogis Wonderspray

Rogis Wonderspray

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