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SolarSystem 550 Controller - LED lights - Organic Earth
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SolarSystem 550 Controller

The programmable hand controller is what really sets the SS550 apart from the competition. It allows you full digital control over your grow room, and takes you away from the primitive non-adjustability of old HPS lights.

Without the controller the SS550 will still work well, but it automatically sets the red, blue and white LEDs to 100%. If you buy a controller it allows you to control dozens of the SS550 lights which can be daisy chained together with cables. This means you can control a complete grow room with just one hand-held controller.

  • Independently adjust the red LEDs from 0-100% power
  • Independently adjust the blue LEDs from 0-100% power
  • Independently adjust the white LEDs from 0-100% power
  • Creation of customised gradual sunrise/sunset modes.
  • Creation of entire grow schedules with different daily/weekly spectrum/power settings. The controller has enough memory for several months worth of unique user light settings to be pre-programmed. Its easy to reprogram or even download and use settings from other growers.

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SolarSystem 550 Controller

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SolarSystem 550 Controller

SolarSystem 550 Controller

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