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Solar System 550 - LED lights - Organic Earth
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SolarSystem 550 LED

The amazing value, USA-built, Solar System 550 (‘SS550’) LED grow light has a 400W power draw and is a direct replacement for a 600W HPS light.

The SS550 uses top quality Osram SSL LEDs, proven design and in-house manufacturing from California Lightworks who have been making LED grow lights for several years for USA commercial growers of herbs, fruit and veg.

The SS550 comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. The LEDs will provide many years of use and come with tough custom-built drivers and a metal-core printed circuit board for maximum reliability. The ultra-reliable silent cooling fans provide additional cooling for the generously sized aluminium heat sink which keeps the LED board at a low temperature and maximises the output and efficiency of the high quality Osram LEDs.

California Lightworks have used this proven and highly reliable commercial growlight design for several years, with all manufacturing taking place in their California Headquarters.

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SolarSystem 550 LED

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SolarSystem 550 LED

SolarSystem 550 LED

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